Over 20 companies have accepted to join IPG membership

IP Generator, Inc., (“IPG”) operates IPG membership, which was established with the mission of providing pharmaceutical companies with more efficient access to clinical development drug candidates. We are happy to announce today that the number of member companies accepting IPG membership has exceeded 20 domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. Eight of the twenty-one member companies are global pharmaceutical companies from abroad, and seven of the fifteen top pharmaceutical companies by revenue in the world (according to our research) have accepted to join the IPG membership.

IPG is a platform provider for drug discovery and development in pre-clinical stage, and the company efficiently generates high-quality clinical development candidates from drug discovery seeds. IPG improves the efficiency of the drug discovery and development process for pharmaceutical companies at a lower cost than the industry standard by continuously generating high-quality clinical development candidates from a wide range of drug discovery seeds. The R&D activities of pharmaceutical companies will be streamlined significantly by this in terms of cost and speed. IPG aims to contribute to society by providing solutions to unmet medical needs and reducing medical costs by making less expensive drugs available to people who need them.

IPG considers the following to be the two axes of our key strategy towards the contribution to solving the above-mentioned social issues: 1) Continuous generation of high-quality clinical development candidates, and 2) Development of a system where pharmaceutical companies can more efficiently access to clinical development candidates.

1) Continuous generation of high-quality clinical development candidates

IPG has entered into a comprehensive business alliance agreement with Axcelead Inc. and Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Inc. to use the valuable drug discovery research data and expertise of the three entities in the selection of promising research seeds and programs. In addition, IPG intakes the drug discovery seeds that have been suspended at the pre-clinical stage by pharmaceutical companies for strategic reasons and from academia on a global basis. IPG has already discussed collaboration with Japan’s prestigious research institutions, leading U.S. universities, and other global research institutions for the drug seeds from academia.

IPG’s efforts do not end here. IPG establishes a unique system that prioritizes the programs to increase the probability of success. The IPG membership system (see 2 below) is one of the mechanisms we use to incorporate the needs from the perspective of pharmaceutical companies (customers).

IPG is committed to formulating a program portfolio with a high probability of success by determining program priorities from an overall perspective.

2) Development of a system where pharmaceutical companies can more efficiently access to clinical development candidates

The contents and progress of IPG programs are available at any time, for free of charge, for our “IPG Membership” companies. It also allows them to select multiple IPG programs according to their interests and communicate them to IPG, enhancing the prioritization of the IPG programs. After joining the IPG membership, pharmaceutical companies will have the advantage of increasing their opportunities to bring in preclinical stage drug seeds that match their needs. This allows IPG to understand the unique needs of many pharmaceutical companies (customers) and obtain information to prioritize programs. It increases contact with customers to access their needs and thereby enhance opportunities for out-licensing as well.

Satoru Iino, IPG President and CEO, stated as follows: “ IPG membership with 21 member companies as of today has great significance in providing a mechanism where pharmaceutical companies can more efficiently access innovative drug discovery and development opportunities.” He continued, “Going forward, IPG will continue to expand membership and fulfill our role as a platform provider in the discovery and development of new drugs. Our mission is to contribute to solutions to unmet medical needs and the social issue of high burden medical costs.”

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