Notice of Capital and Business Alliance with NanoCarrier Co., Ltd.

IPGaia, Inc., (“IPG”) has already concluded a comprehensive business alliance agreement with NanoCarrier Co., Ltd.(“NanoCarrier”) to assume NanoCarrier’s business development function (effective date: March 14, 2023). In order to further strengthen the alliance between the two companies, IPG hereby announces that it has decided to acquire NanoCarrier’s stock acquisition rights through a third-party allotment.

Yasunori Yamaguchi, IPG President and CEO, said, “Through this comprehensive business alliance with NanoCarrier since March, IP Gaia is proud to be able to enhance its corporate value as a partner in all business development activities through leveraging IPG’s network, IPG’s established mechanism to capture projects that have been suspended by pharmaceutical companies for strategic reasons and breakthrough drug discovery seeds from academia, and IPG’s membership to create products that provide high customer satisfaction and increase the probability of successful out-licensing. We are also looking forward to deliver NanoCarrier’s excellent mRNA therapeutics candidates to patients through our own business development activities. We are pleased that this capital and business alliance will further strengthen our relationship.”